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Service Packages

*Parts are always additional except where noted.

Basic Safety Check - $39.00

Good for your kid's bike or just to make sure your bike is ready for the start of the season. Also good for brand-new department store bikes, just to be sure.


  • Inflate tires. 

  • Adjust gears and brakes.

  • Address any blatant mechanical issues (loose pedal/crank, etc...)

  • Lube chain.

Tune up - $69.00 - Winter Rate $59.00

We recommend this once a year for bikes with heavy miles. Parts that need replaced are at additional cost. Great time to have accessories like a rack or lights installed with no additional labor.


  • bike is cleaned and inspected for damage. 

  • Tighten cranks and pedals.

  • Rotate tires.

  • Hub adjustments

  • Wheels trued and inspected.

  • Pull, clean and grease stem and seatpost.

  • headset Adjustment

  • Adjust brakes. Pads are sanded, cable is pulled and lubricated. 

  • Gear adjust. Cables are pulled and lubricated.

  • accessory installation

Tune up plus - $99.00 - Winter rate $89.00

This package is the same as the tune up with the addition of Re-packing all the bearing sets (hubs, headset, Bottom bracket)

Overhaul - $149.00 - Winter Rate $129.00

Recommended every three to five years for bikes used daily, especially bikes used in winter on salty roads. 

We check, lube, adjust, and repair your entire bike. We strip it to the frame and rebuild it from the ground up.


  • All items included in tune up service package.

  • An Overhaul includes new stainless brake and gear cables, fresh housing and ball bearings. (CARTRIDGE bearings ADDITIONAL)

  • Spotless cleaning and waxing. Every single part is inspected.

  • Check frame and fork alignment.

  • Wheels are cleaned, trued, and have the dish and round checked.

  • Hubs is re-built.

  • Headset is re-built.

  • Bottom bracket is re-built.

  • Brakes done with new cables and housing. Pads are sanded, *replaced if needed. 

  • Gears re-adjusted with new cables and housing. Chain is cleaned and re-installed,

  • Derailleurs removed cleaned and re-installed. 

  • Pedals removed and cleaned. Re-built if possible. 

  • Bottom bracket and head tube faced if necessary.

  • Steel Frame Saver available at extra cost. 

Common individual service

Flat Repair - $10 + cost of tube

Wheel True - $10.00-$20.00

  • Price Depends on wheel condition

Wheel Lacing - $39.00

Cost is per wheel. Includes: 

  • Wheelsmith spoke treatment. 

  • Whatever pattern you want. Differs from wheel to wheel and depends on use. 

  • We use DT Swiss Spokes and Nipples. 

Repack Bearings - $15.00 + Cost of bearings

Cable replacement - $10 + cost of cable

Box bike for shipment - $39

Clean & re-lubricate - $19



We have a small fleet of rentals that are available on a first come first serve basis. call for availability and rates.